Strategic Planning for Conference

Strategic Planning for Conference

Regardless of whether you are planning a Scientific, Medical, Corporate Conference and an Annual Association Meeting, each event is unique and requires a strong foundation to be successful. To ensure that your conference meets your goals and logical requirements, you need a proven partner with experience in your field that will support you in strategic planning and planning all elements of your next event.

We have decades of the Conference experience for Associations, Scientific research institutions & Corporate. We uniquely support you in developing strategies to take your conference to the next level. As your long-term partner, we listen to your goals, work with your committees, and rely on historical figures and our relationships to create a solid foundation for starting your conference. We also use the latest tools and technologies to optimize your conference work. From a central database for all participants to transparent financial data and historical framework conditions to publicity tools and manuals for conference planning – we offer the necessary understanding and tools for conference planning, which is an undeniable service.

Our strategic planning services include:

  • Conference design and development
  • Planning and production time management
  • Sponsor, trade fair and advertising programs and fulfillment
  • Audiovisual / webcasting
  • Local staff and volunteer coordination
  • Implementation
  • Continuing education recognition
  • Follow-up and evaluation after the conference
  • Database Management

Advantages of our strategic plan

We are firmly rooted in your success, from conception to completion. With our strategic planning services as a platform:

  • Increase the number of visitors
  • Reduce the time and burden of conference planning
  • Keep schedules, schedules, and budgets up to date
  • Get insight into historical data about participants, participants, sponsors, and providers
  • Build long-term relationships with quality suppliers.

Darshan Kumar K the CEO of Extent DC and Planotech Events & Marketing(opc) Pvt Ltd Bangalore.