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Bangalore, India – October 6, 2023 – In the world of event management, where each occasion is unique with its own set of goals and challenges, Planotech Events and Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd stands out as a beacon of excellence. We firmly believe that event management goes beyond the mere orchestration of shows and conferences; it’s about connecting people, forging relationships, and building communities.

Our Expertise

Planotech excels in every facet of event management, from strategizing and conceptualizing to curating and designing, ensuring exceptional results. Our diverse portfolio includes international events, conferences, product launches, corporate retreats, public events, concerts, festivals, private dinners, galas, fundraisers, weddings, proposals, art exhibitions, and personalized experiences.

Our Commitment

At Planotech Events and Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd, our commitment lies in providing clients with a robust foundation for their success. By thoroughly understanding our clients’ needs and aspirations and delivering top-notch hospitality, we consistently exceed expectations, offering an unparalleled lifestyle.

Who We Are

Planotech Events and Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd is a dedicated event management company based in the vibrant city of Bangalore. Our journey began by merging our passion for business and events, establishing ourselves as an organized event and conference management partner.

Our Approach

We recognize that a well-executed event can align with an organization’s strategic vision, integrate into the marketing strategy, or foster networks and customer loyalty. Therefore, we approach every project with meticulous attention to detail and precision. Regardless of the event’s size and scope, we treat it like a business endeavor, with clear strategic goals, defined timelines, and a comprehensive plan to ensure on-time and within-budget delivery. At Planotech Events and Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd, your organization is our priority, and we design events that support all your goals.

Our Team

Our team at Planotech Events and Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd comprises some of the most skilled professionals in the industry, each with a unique background and area of expertise. What sets our team apart is their ability not only to excel in their roles but also to become experienced and passionate event managers, organizers, and producers.

Trust in Capable Hands

With a laser-sharp focus, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional service, clients can trust that their events are in capable hands when partnering with Planotech Events and Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd. We turn your vision into reality, making every event an unforgettable experience.

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Planotech Events and Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd – Where Every Event Is Exceptional.