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Meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions MICE is a type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together. This is therefore a business-oriented segment, involving obligatory (or non-discretionary) travel.

Meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions MICE is a type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together. Therefore, a business-oriented segment, involving obligatory (or non-discretionary) travel.

The two main service areas of the industry include — Business tourism; and event management. Business tourism includes arranging business events in touristic locations of the world, while event management encompasses hosting, managing, coordinating, and publicizing such events.

The MICE sector consists of activities, including conventions, trade shows, seminars, events, exhibitions, and incentive travel.
The MICE industry is so extravagant, vast, and diverse that you cannot list out all the stakeholders in one go.

Infrastructural facilities
Includes the actual location or the venue in which the meetings, conferences, or events are supposed to take place. The site can be Convention Centres, Hotels.

The second and the key stakeholders are the organizers. They are the ones who manage things at the back end and make the front end look attractive.

Peripheral Subcontractors.
Mega-events like MICE aren’t about a day or two of the main event. The field encompasses many other areas that need to be taken care of. Many services need to provide either for the leisure or comfort of the attendees. They are included in this domain—for example PR, Travel Agencies, Caterers, Media.

High revenue generation.
MICE events have direct implications on a country’s tourism. The attendees of the events from other countries or maybe just other states not only participate in the game but also indulge in tourism. Through their stay in the country, they have to arrange accommodation, leisure, food, travel. That would lead to increased revenue generation for the country.

Increase the scope of employment.
Increase in Foreign Direct Investment.
Such large-scale business events serve as a platform where the local companies can exhibit their potential. And if done successfully, a lot of Foreign Direct Investment can be secured for the national companies.

Storm of innovation.
MICE events are all about growth and development. That is impossible without innovation. Hence, there is a lot of exchange of ideas and knowledge, which leads to the growth of companies and, ultimately, the country.

To conduct a MICE scale event is a huge thing. It requires not only a lot of resources but also a large workforce. There are tons of fields in which employment is generated due to such a large-scale event.
Globally, the Meeting Incentives Conferences and Exhibitions industry amounts to around USD 280–300 billion. Since its inception in the 21st century, the industry is showing an abrupt growth curve across all continents. The Asian MICE industry is a leading growth story with a 38% escalation in a decade. The Asian sector alone comprises USD 60 Billion to the Global MICE.

MICE is the accumulation of meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions, events, business activity, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, various transportation, travel associations, professional conference organizers, entertainment industries, tourism boards, and professionals. The travel sellers specializing in MICE are usually affiliated with large corporate agencies because it requires planning and organization.