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Now a days 80% to 90% of news, videos, and forwarded messages are fake. The intention behind it is to spread hate against nations, religions, and governments. Many times these types of fake news cause violence like mob lynching, people riot, and crowds protest. Because of our advanced technology, these fake news and videos reach more people and quickly. These types of news can spread from any chat application or website. The people behind this had a motive of reaching more people and cover a large area so that they can get more support for their plan.

Fake news is deceptive or inaccurate facts. It also attempts to harm an individual or entity’s image or to gain money from publicity sales. Fake news is now gaining more attention because of the social media platform. The dissemination of false news has included political polarization, post-truth, politics, confirmatory bias, and social media algorithms. Some descriptions of false news include satirical posts mistaken as genuine and articles that are not accompanied by dramatic or clickbait headlines. Sometimes fake news overpowers the real news by competing with it.

So always aware of fake news and not forward any news or videos whose genuine source is unknown.

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