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Mr. Darshan Kumar K, the Founder of Planotech Media House, is currently the CEO of “ExtentDC” and “Planotech Events and Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd,” a privately‐held Digital Marketing & Event Management Company. Mr.Darshan oversees the operations of this organization.

Darshan Kumar started his career as an Event Manager. He holds a BE from VTU & BBM from Bangalore University.

Darshan’s dreams were never small; He is a man of energy, a self-motivated person, and People around him also get motivated very quickly. He is always working in the creative space and has built a company that mirrors his values of being positive, inventive, and execution-focused.

Darshan is a social and environmental enthusiast. He is involved in campaigns such as planting and feeding poor people without any reputation or recognition.

Any event management company can assist you in selecting materials, organizing meals, or finding your hotel for your event. It takes the right partner to understand your market, recognize your wishes, and design and deliver an event that will help you achieve your goals.

At Planotech Events & Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd, we believe that each event is unique, with its goals and challenges. Planotech also knows how to deliver successful events. Planotech believes event management companies are more than organizing shows and conferences. Event management connects people, creates new ones, builds communities.

Planotech Strategize, conceptualize, curate, design, and develop all concepts to produce fabulous results. Our expertise includes international events, conferences, product launches, product launches, corporate retreats, major public events, concerts, festivals, private dinners, galas and fundraisers, weddings, proposals, art exhibitions, unique and personalized experiences.

We are committed to providing our customers with a strong foundation for their success, our understanding of our customers’ needs and wants, and our commitment to providing the best of hospitality assure us that we always deliver ideas of lifestyle that exceed our expectations.

Plano tech Business Events & Marketing Pvt Ltd (OPC) is a full-time event management company based in Bangalore, Plotech Events & Marketing Pvt Ltd (OPC) was created by bringing together our love for business and events.

We are an organized event & conference, managing partner. We understand that a well-executed event can also be defined to support an organization’s strategic vision, embedded in the company’s marketing strategy, or used to build networks and customer loyalty.

We approach the entire project with meticulous consideration to detail and accuracy. Regardless of size and scope, we treat your event like a business with clear strategic objectives, defined dates, and a comprehensive plan to ensure your event is delivered on time and within budget. At Planotech Events & Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd, we prioritize your organization. We concentrate on your objections and organize events to support all your goals.

Laser’s sharp focus, unmatched technology, and exceptional service mean that customers can trust that their event is in skilled hands.

At Planotech Events & Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd, our team consists of some of the most talented people in the industry: they each have a unique background and place of expertise. What makes our team so successful is their ability not only to succeed within their roles but also to become seasoned and passionate event managers, organizers, and producers.