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Art of creativity is the root function for an Event Management Company throughout the Lockdown.

The event industry is one of the largest affected like other industry, due to Coronavirus Pandemic, which concluded with cancellation & deferring the events.

As a socially responsible citizen of India, we must obey the rules and regulations of our state & central government to stop the rapid spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic. It is a complicated circumstance for an event organizer. We need to come up with various tactics to nurse our event industry.

Coronavirus Pandemic might end in a few weeks;

Our health care departments like Doctors, Nurses, Lab technicians, Ambulance services are working 24/7. But what about the economic disaster?

Few steps to avoid the impact of Coronavirus Pandemic crisis:

1) Plan for the Future:

Use this lockdown period wisely; make strategies for future events that lined up.

2) Build Brand Awareness: 

Be creative and utilize this time to create content to increase brand awareness. 

3) Customer Engagement:

Modernize clients and engage with possible prospects, so that they will remember after the crisis has passed. Contemplate building a pipeline of business over digital outreach. Look at the older leads that were on the backburner due to one reason or another.

4) Provide Information on The Crisis: 

Mutual responsibility for fighting this Coronavirus Pandemic.

Direct the attendees to these platforms keep updating clients regularly.

5) Offers: 

Check, if there is quality in expanding offering to keep connected in a post Coronavirus Pandemic world.

The Digital Transformation

Host events virtually: 

Update from the physical event to online event and host event virtually, This is the time for planning & popularise the virtual events & webinar.



Darshan Kumar K the CEO of Extent DC and Planotech Events & Marketing(opc) Pvt Ltd Bangalore.