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E-mail and SMS activities

           Email and SMS marketing is a type of online marketing which includes sending official and formal messages to customers by companies and business holders in order to make them aware of their new services and products.

Services offered:

  • We offer various SMS services like transactional bulk SMS.
  • Promotional bulk SMS.
  • Voice SMS.

        Advantages of Email and SMS marketing:

  • It is a kind of instant service which will provide you with a huge profit at last.
  • It is very easy to send messages in the form of emails and SMS to any number of people.
  • They are very much affordable since you can send millions of messages to millions of people at the same time.
  • Personalize your messages.
  • Schedule sends.
  • Best-in-class delivery.

Reach out millions in seconds by hiring us. Easily schedule and send messages. Track live SMS free delivery status of every SMS you send.