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FAU-G finally revealed launch date and new trailer

After the ban on PUBG in India, many Esports players and PUBG game lovers were unhappy and sad. Suddenly, the nCORE Games announced that they will launch a Made In India game called FAU-G. Akshay Kumar also shared an FAU-G poster on his social media to endorse Made In India. All thought that this FAU-G game will be identical or a clone of the PUB-G game.

But nCORE games cleared that assumption by revealing that it will be a multiplayer game and mission game. This game will show our soldiers bravery and sacrifice. Finally, the FAU-G game is all set to be launched on January 26, Republic Day. On January 3, the creators revealed the release date with a theatrical trailer of the game that provides a glimpse of the Ladakh episode as Indian soldiers go up against PLA soldiers.

The last teaser had just seen close combat and had not revealed any weapons. But this time they revealed some assault weapons. The latest trailer also features the ‘FAU-G’ or Fauji title track and Punjabi dialogue.

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