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Growth or Decline of Working at Home

The widespread coronavirus pandemic affected every industry, from event management to agriculture. 

Moderating COVID-19 across the business has shifted a growing concern for everything & everybody, which resulted in most of the companies to opt for work at home.

Is work at home a productive one?

Working from home could be more stressful than working at the office. Many staffers said they had a hard time sustaining healthy work-life stability & overly stressed during the workday “delayed on a task until its deadline.” 

Work at home is a double-edged sword, w get to stay home, but it can be harder to focus on actually working. Loneliness can quickly become a downer for those used to socializing at work.

Distraction at home is more in terms of work at home when compared to work at the office.

How can we focus on the work and psychologically intense while work at home? Here are the few tips to stay focused:

Work Station: 

A dedicated and comfortable spot to work at home that we can connect with our job and leave when we are off the job.

Plan our day: 

 A good plan always helps us in executing the task most successfully. Usually, our time and the building of our day are influenced by how we plan.

Avoid Distractions:

 Most of our distraction in work at home is VOD apps like Netflix, Amazon prime, ALTBalaji. Start avoiding those, including youtube, and stay focused at work.

Managing Breaks: 

Giving ourselves sufficient freedom throughout the day to walk away from the computer screen and the phone is that necessary? Ask ourself.

Positive Attitude: 

Give ourselves motivation. The World is on the race. Do not stop and rest ourselves to make others run and win our race.

Most of the time, the answer is manifest, but other times we might need some influence from other people who are in the same boat. Relating to management distraction, affected work at home.


Darshan Kumar K the CEO of Extent DC and Planotech Events & Marketing(opc) Pvt Ltd Bangalore.