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Power 6 tips for employees on New Year’s resolutions

Happy New Year to all

I hope you celebrated the beginning of 2020 in good spirits with family and friends.

Now it is good to look ahead and think about what this year can bring for all of us or what we can bring for all of us, should we wait or should we make it?

The year started with the celebration of the New Year. Holidays change people’s attitudes, and that’s why it’s necessary. These small events give us an essential break to refresh ourselves and face challenges with more commitment and Passion.

Commitment and Passion do not come without determination& Resolution.

Here are the Power 6 tips:

1) Leave your professional comfort zone

One of the first steps to success is leaving the comfort zone. We all come to the point in our career where we want to hold onto the safe area. It is essential to know when to stop and start taking small risks.

Continually challenging yourself helps you build trust and express yourself easily. So, this year, decide to get out of your comfort zone and pay more attention to your opportunities to improve yourself and your career.


2) Eat healthy at work

While it is important to set resolutions for your professional development, it is also essential to focus on your well-being at work. Developing healthy eating habits at work is critical because we all spend more than 75% of our day at work. The eating habits that we design in this significant part of the day influence how the remaining daily tasks carried out.

That can have a direct impact on the productivity of your workplace. So, in this New Year, you decide to eat healthy at work and participate in your workplace wellness program.


3) Set team goals

Setting goals is one of the most essential prerequisites for success. They keep you on course in difficult times. When you set team goals, you get a better understanding of your team.

Setting team goals is an opportunity for you to get to grips with your team and put these new ideas to the fore. When you place a team goal, you set a goal together for your team members to achieve a bigger purpose. It promotes teamwork and employee engagement.

4) Set limits

Workplace balance is one of the lowest problems that employees face today. Although you sometimes enjoy your work, it is challenging to keep your work-life balance.

In this New Year, it decided to set a boundary between working hours and your time. Define what priorities you set and how many hours per week you can set. Finding a balance can be very difficult at the beginning, but with practice, you can eventually learn to draw the line between work and personal time.


5) Learn something new

We all have a list of things we want to learn to improve, but sometimes we are not motivated enough to start. If you commit yourself to learn something new this year, it may be a skill related to your job or something that will help you stay focused and motivated at work.

There are many free online e-books to help you learn this new skill. You can always invest in a good book!


6) Find a passion beyond work

Everyone needs a love that has nothing to do with work, career, success, goals, and plans. You can volunteer for a specific purpose, learn a musical instrument, or take a break from college for your hobby.

There is a small favor that you will do for yourself this New Year. That helps your brain relax so that you can be more productive at work than before.


Darshan Kumar K the CEO of Extent DC and Planotech Events & Marketing(opc) Pvt Ltd Bangalore.