Product Launch & Roadshows

Launching a product is no easy process. It involves a true investment of time and energy, especially because you want the launch to be successful and well-received by your audience. Before launching your product to market, you need to take a serious look at your competitors. After all, an enormous amount of resources went into creating the product or service, so it deserves a launch to match.
A product launch is a process rather than an event. So, when you have come up with the product (idea) and start a development we get an idea about the customer segment, channels to reach out to this segment, the customer buying process, the Eco-system as well competitors. We fuse the power of ideas with information to create compelling personal experiences that allow our clients to delight and attract more customers. Initially, we spend a little bit of time and money on screening your proposal thoughts to bull’s eye. Get feedback. Implement. Repeat. This gives you the utmost results and superior sources to implement your ideas on the product. You can find out in advance what your target market orates, what they watch, and what stimulates their buying decision. Conducting initial market validation will save you a fortune and greatly increase your likelihood of success.
Among several advertising media, the only roadshow creates face-to-face dealing with customers. Even though the contemporary world is filled with technology, there are still some places where roadshow helps in creating brand awareness amongst every people in your anticipated position. While hosting such an event for you, where you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with your customer’s side by side, and market with them in a straight line.
A roadshow is essential for a company to promote the investment proposal to the targeted stakeholders. It includes meetings and conferences with existing and potential investors for several existences. It is strongly suggested to conduct roadshows in different geographies to attract new investors. Sometimes it can be tough to conduct several roadshows due to the constrict schedule of top management executives. Planotech always starts at the given scheduled time and the buffer time between two meetings is always sufficient to see the growth and work on their project.
We create a memorable impression and establish a relationship in which you cannot achieve through other forms of market.