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R&R stands for Reward and Recognition (human resources) This definition appears frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Military and Government. Business, finance. As organizations compete to build & retain their most prized asset – their people – Reward and Recognition (R&R) programs are crucial to motivate employees and enhance job satisfaction.


Reward and recognition are generally abbreviated as R&R which has been progressed from several years. Our HR leaders have practised and experienced the supremacy of leveraging multiple factors in rewards management to attract, inspire and retain talent.

We understand that our rewards and recognition programs empower them to engage talent in a better way. We as a company provide deliver a seven major approach that identifies the ecosphere and includes:

  • Business sight.
  • HR tactics.
  • Culture and employee hub.
  • Company’s culture.
  • External brand value.
  • Geographical and cultural influences.
  • Engagement practices.

It offers a substructure to view R&R from the multiple dimensions of the employee life process within an organisation.


Reward and recognition we follow to improve employee recognition:

  • Gift of gratitude.
  • Peer to peer recognition.
  • Recognizing the creative minds with creativity.
  • Classic wall of fame.
  • Punctuality recognition.
  • A chance to pay back to society.
  • Flexible choices for the employee.
  • Encouraging professional development.
  • Earning the credits.


Thereby, we provide you satisfaction of a job and a rendering performance in our company which will be absolutely rendered by planotech with a complete guarantee.