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The widespread coronavirus pandemic affected every industry, from event management to agriculture. 

Moderating COVID-19 across the business has shifted a growing concern for everything & everybody, which resulted in most of the companies to opt for work at home.

Is work at home a productive one?

Working from home could be more stressful than working at the office. Many staffers said they had a hard time sustaining healthy work-life stability & overly stressed during the workday “delayed on a task until its deadline.” 

Work at home is a double-edged sword, w get to stay home, but it can be harder to focus on actually working. Loneliness can quickly become a downer for those used to socializing at work.

Distraction at home is more in terms of work at home when compared to work at the office.

How can we focus on the work and psychologically intense while work at home? Here are the few tips to stay focused:

Work Station: 

A dedicated and comfortable spot to work at home that we can connect with our job and leave when we are off the job.

Plan our day: 

 A good plan always helps us in executing the task most successfully. Usually, our time and the building of our day are influenced by how we plan.

Avoid Distractions:

 Most of our distraction in work at home is VOD apps like Netflix, Amazon prime, ALTBalaji. Start avoiding those, including youtube, and stay focused at work.

Managing Breaks: 

Giving ourselves sufficient freedom throughout the day to walk away from the computer screen and the phone is that necessary? Ask ourself.

Positive Attitude: 

Give ourselves motivation. The World is on the race. Do not stop and rest ourselves to make others run and win our race.

Most of the time, the answer is manifest, but other times we might need some influence from other people who are in the same boat. Relating to management distraction, affected work at home.

The event industry is one of the largest affected like other industry, due to Coronavirus Pandemic, which concluded with cancellation & deferring the events.

As a socially responsible citizen of India, we must obey the rules and regulations of our state & central government to stop the rapid spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic. It is a complicated circumstance for an event organizer. We need to come up with various tactics to nurse our event industry.

Coronavirus Pandemic might end in a few weeks;

Our health care departments like Doctors, Nurses, Lab technicians, Ambulance services are working 24/7. But what about the economic disaster?

Few steps to avoid the impact of Coronavirus Pandemic crisis:

1) Plan for the Future:

Use this lockdown period wisely; make strategies for future events that lined up.

2) Build Brand Awareness: 

Be creative and utilize this time to create content to increase brand awareness. 

3) Customer Engagement:

Modernize clients and engage with possible prospects, so that they will remember after the crisis has passed. Contemplate building a pipeline of business over digital outreach. Look at the older leads that were on the backburner due to one reason or another.

4) Provide Information on The Crisis: 

Mutual responsibility for fighting this Coronavirus Pandemic.

Direct the attendees to these platforms keep updating clients regularly.

5) Offers: 

Check, if there is quality in expanding offering to keep connected in a post Coronavirus Pandemic world.

The Digital Transformation

Host events virtually: 

Update from the physical event to online event and host event virtually, This is the time for planning & popularise the virtual events & webinar.


The dominant marketing craft is the code for lasting success. Nevertheless, continued success is not just gambling for businesses; it delivers extensive. From a marketing viewpoint, lasting success can only be achieved by consistently building ROI from operations.

All businesses want inexpensive funds for the marketing plan. The obstacle is which of the most thriving business marketing tactics presents the highest ROI.

It needs a lot of experience and energy to promote and sustain a marketing campaign that impacts the expected audience.

The Power 8 Marketing Strategy:

1) Existing Clients.

Brand-new clients are very imperative if we want to grow in business, but not by forgetting existing clients. That will involve obtaining clients feel like they are part of an elite club of our company, giving them something unique, and passing them feel like VIPs.

2) Partnerships.

Marketing operations benefit from marketing organizations. Partnership with other associate organizations will perform to produce better performance. On top of that, marketing partnerships will reach the brand to new clients.

3) Social Media.

We can’t overlook social media for marketing. Clients will judge social media presence. Various organizations have continued to build uniquely about social media, a very influential marketing tool.

4) Associate with Powerful Influencers.

To gain a new audience and extend brand awareness is by associate with powerful influencers in business. By providing the influencers to share inspirational content, they will be able to tap into a new targeted audience.

5) Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is one of the marketing strategies that can help build a successful business in an online platform. The manner of improving website algorithms to that of search engines use to list websites based on rankings. Many of us don’t even bother the go to page 3 or 4 in google search. Hence make sure the website is in the list of eagle eyes of the google search page.

6) Regular Emails.

An email has excellent benefits as a marketing flow. It is clear to do, clear to automate, provides immediate information, requires very little, and can transfer a huge quantity of possible clients with the highest open rates, particularly if the segment list as shown earlier.

It is essential to note that the email list is particularly crucial if emails transfer to the subscriber’s inbox. Otherwise, they will not open.

7) Referral Program

A basic strategy where we allow customers to promote our product or service for us. It is a mere concept, but it is not used almost enough by most of the business we have seen.

8) Forum Posters

Targeting the people who are likely to share our product or our service, business is offering, need users who post on related forums.

Forums related to the product or service will create a reliable solution, and promote it to the people who are interested in the solution we have created.

Sankranti summer festival dedicated to SUN GOD in January every year. Sankranti means a new beginning peace & prosperity. Sankranti is additionally a specific identity of the crop in India. Sankranti is one of the oldest and most vibrant festivals in India. It has believed to be 8000 years old; it’s seen by different names in several parts of the country in several ways in January.

Different names in several states call it, but the sensations remain an equivalent. Things like jaggery, coconut, milk, and rice are commonly utilized in homes to form offerings for the festival. Makar Sankranti also marks the top of winter, and it is around this point that the times begin to urge longer and warmer.

Regional Name: –

Since India is mainly a country of agrarian society, Sankranti celebrated in different parts of India with different rituals.

Many harvest festivals celebrated here. The festival is celebrated all over India on the same day, but each region has different names. However, crop festivals, bonfires, and banquets are common to all celebrations of Sankranti. The discussion here is about the various names of Pongal and their special celebrations that are prevalent in India.

Other names for Sankranti: –

Makara Sankranti

In Karnataka, there is a harvest festival, a New Year, and a festival of happiness and a celebration of embracing the family of friends and neighbors, servants and the poor, cows, and then all living beings.


In Tamil Nadu, people celebrate Pongal in four days. Freshly chopped rice cooked, and this preparation is called Pongal.

Two women are praying for cattle with the Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu, India.

Makar Sankranti 

The people of the Northern states of India celebrate this day as Makar Sankranti. The most exciting thing about this festival is kite flying. People believe the wind direction will change that day, so they can fly colorful kites into the streets and catch as many as possible.


On the Pongal, the chalk patterns of the sun god drawn. As the Thai auspicious month is taking place, the sun worshiped.


In Punjab, people celebrate Lohri in January, which they believe is the coldest day of the year. In the cool breeze, they dance the bhangra around the fire that fills the cane, the rice, and the sesame. People sing folk songs about the good harvest, which is a blessing of the gods.

Bihu / Bohagio Bhishu

It is the biggest festival of the Assamese people practicing the three Bihu. The three Beehas celebrate the festive season and the major crops in Assam at different stages of rice cultivation.


The first day is a rain god in honor of happiness to Lord Indra. Much has said about this day. The day starts with a sesame oil bath, and there is an evening bonfire in which all household items burned.

Thai Pongal

It coincides with the harvest festival – Tamil Thanksgiving. That done to honor the harvest of the abundance of the sun. Families rejoice and share their happiness and harvest with others.

Poki festival

The first day is the Poki Festival, where old items are removed and discarded. Since rain plays an essential role in our life, natural rain is respected, and the first day of the celebration is called Poki Utsav.


Hadaga Festival

Hadag festival in Maharashtra is a prayer for good monsoon and a good harvest. Since Indra is the god of rain, people sing songs to Indra and pray for rain. Images of elephants who are the Lord’s vehicles drawn everywhere to welcome the Lord.