<span>Events & <br>Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd </span>
<span>Events & <br>Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd </span>
<span>Events & <br>Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd </span>

<span>Events & <br>Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd </span>

<span>Events & <br>Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd </span>

<span>Events & <br>Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd </span>

<span>Events & <br>Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd </span>

<span>Events & <br>Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd </span>

<span>Events & <br>Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd </span>

<span>Events & <br>Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd </span>

<span>Events & <br>Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd </span>

<span>Events & <br>Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd </span>

<span>Events & <br>Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd </span>

<span>Events & <br>Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd </span>

<span>Events & <br>Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd </span>

<span>Events & <br>Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd </span>

Events &
Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd

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Our goal is to create
unique and digital experiences

Creative & Professional Digital

Planotech handles everything from initial design and planning to executing on-site and bringing your original concept to life. We understand the investment that corporate events entail; thus, we approach each project with sensitivity and consideration for your brand. Our aim is to consistently achieve your objectives and leave the most significant possible impact on your audience.

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Our Features & Services.

Join us on a journey where imagination knows no bounds and every event is a masterpiece in the making. Experience the magic of event management with us, where the extraordinary becomes reality, and memories are crafted to last a lifetime.

Event Conference & Management

Using organizational skills to plan social or business events is Event Management.It comprises of Indian weddings, concerts, seminars, corporate meetings, birthday parties and much more. Event management is a substantial blend of creativity and technical skills.

Digital Marketing

Our domain expertise is considerable. We adopt a highly flexible approach that enables our clients to either assign complete projects to us on an end-to-end basis, or work with us for any part of their overall requirements.

Stall Designing & Execution

The exhibition designer aims to advertise the products, brands and identity of the consumer by designing a striking show or exhibition stalls by using graphical and visual components. With its vast landscape and booming economy, India is setting up a vibrant forum for the growth and advancement of exhibition and stall architecture.


Our Customers

They’ve done a stellar job all through the event. Maybe they are used to it but still I appreciate that most of the work committed was done promptly…

Adhitya Yeluri
Nasscom GenAI

A big thank you to our event manager at Planotech events your expertise and flawless execution made our event a true success!


Thank you to the fantastic team at Planotech events for making our event a huge success! Your attention to detail and seamless execution made the day stress-free for us.


Thank you and your team for the excellent work performed at goa. Professor Venugopal & HIPC team


Thank You Darshan, Kiran, Preethesh, Smith, Ramya and the Entire team. Hope to work with you again in the future.


Thank You So Much Team Planotech for the Excellence Event Management. Appreciate each One of Your Support to Ensure Seamless Execution. All the Very Best

Nandan Bhatia
Arogya World Event

Dear Darshan, I am so glad I messaged you couple of days before the event and at the end made the right choice of event planners! You have a wonderful team!

Vidya Pawar
Xitadel CAE Technologies

I wanted to take a moment to recognize the hard work and dedication of Planotech employees during this entire event. They showcased excellent communication skills, attention to detail and dedication to the purposes of the event all with a smile on their face. I think they both have great potential for growth in this industry.

Nell Conway
Romela Productions

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