Designing 2D & 3D

If you planning to use 2d and 3d walk through, it’s a very good decision. Making use of 3D walkthrough animation helps you to develop a cybernetic guide of your projects covering entire macro as well as micro details along with fascinating features. The technology carried with it has amazing potential to attract the attention of prospects and they can understand the upsides of projects even before the construction starts.



3D modeling software is a class of 3D special effects software that wants to produce 3D models. The individual programs of this class are called modelers.
We provide you with three ways of 3D modeling which are as follows:
Polygonal modeling: the bulk of 3D models today are built as textured polygonal models because they’re flexible because the computer can render them very quickly.
Curve modeling
Diagonal modeling
It is a good thought to use 2D/3D models in animation which helps to develop a cybernetic guide of the projects covering entire as well as minute details along with the explicit feature. The technology arrival has amazing potential to attract the attention of prospects and thereby which can understand the pros of the project even before the construction starts.

Advantages of choosing planotech for 3D model:

* Flexibility, ability to change angles or animate images with faster delivery of changes.
* Ease in delivering, automatic calculation, and delivering photo-realistic effects rather than mentally visualizing or estimating.
* Accurate photorealism, less chance of human error in misplacing, overdoing, or forgetting to incorporate a visible effect.
* We are the market for 3D models which exist both for individual models or large collections.
* Overtime we provide marketplaces specialized in 3D printing models that have energy.
* Our 3D printing marketplace is a combination of models sharing sites, with or without a built-in e-commerce capability.

3D modeling is used in various industries like film, animation and gaming, interior design, and architecture.
* 3D modeling is also used in the field of industrial design, wherein products are 3D models before representing them to the clients.
* Therefore, in media and event industries we use 3D walkthrough in stage and set design.
* We test 3D models in different ways depending on what it needs by using simulation, mechanism design, and analysis.