Theme Event

It’s a time for enjoying…whether it might be corporate get-together or personal celebration. Every event demands a component of exclusivity as per customer’s profile, occasion, conditions and venue orientation

There comes a moment in everybody’s life and to make those occasions memorable ever after is our work.

Importance of the theme in event planning

  • Ensures a cohesive unit.
  • It creates buzz.
  • Helps to gain the guest’s focus.

What Plano-tech event focus on?

We believe that theme is not only the creative passion of an event agency. It allows us to convey the objectives of an event playfully and we also ensure that everyone gathers around the same idea.

Services we provide are as follows:

  1. Getting creative with invitations.
  2. Using social media to tell a story.
  3. Decorating to create an atmosphere.
  4. Matching food and drinks to the theme.
  5. Making sure the entertainment aligns.
  6. Organising fun-themed activities.

Themes that we suggest you try with us:

  1. Sea beach theme party.
  2. Adventure theme party.
  3. Casino theme party.
  4. Mask theme party.
  • Halloween theme party.
  • Bollywood theme party.
  • Rock star theme party.
  • Hawaiian theme party and so on……

Our major theme parties include:

  1. Corporate parties.
  2. Birthday parties.
  3. Get-togethers.
  4. Engagement ceremony.
  5. Wedding parties.
  6. Launch parties.
  7. Commercial parties.
  8. Theme events.

Now that you know all the advantages of an event theme, will you give yourself time to find one that will suit your next event? If you need the helping hand of an event agency, we are here for you.